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Our firm takes pride in our passion for office layout, design, and quality construction.

Whether you need to expand your physical space to accommodate growth in your business, or minimize your space to align with facility needs and business plans, M & J Star is your trusted partner to achieve your construction goals. Your office location is your company’s face to the public. Let M&J Star help you to put your best face forward.


We love opportunities to utilize our team’s combined experience in reading, interpreting, and understanding plans and our team’s attention to details when constructing your retail space.

Facility improvements provide you with a competitive tool that can help to set market trends or to keep you in line with your direct competition. As your facility needs change over time, M&J Star will continue to provide the highest quality design and construction.


M & J Star is committed to providing you with the environment you desire, while meeting the practical needs of your restaurant’s construction.

It is vital to have the necessary tools for your restaurant staff, and to provide the perfect environment for your restaurant guests. We strive to build your restaurant to not only meet your needs, but also to draw attention to the quality craftsmanship and that makes your restaurant stand above the rest.


Delivering “Five Star” customer satisfaction has forged long-lasting and trusting client relationships and repeat business.